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Safety WarningThis watch supports GSM network only, if you area are not good coverage or has stop 2G network service,please do not buy. We’re recommend to check the 2G coverage nearby through the below link. The best gift for children🏒Built-in multifunction one-touch SOS🏒 two-way conversation voice chat 🏒 flashlight remote camera, 🏒math game alarm clocks🏒step

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Safety Warning
This watch supports GSM network only, if you area are not good coverage or has stop 2G network service,please do not buy. We’re recommend to check the 2G coverage nearby through the below link.

The best gift for children
🏒Built-in multifunction one-touch SOS
🏒 two-way conversation voice chat
🏒 flashlight remote camera,
🏒math game alarm clocks
🏒step pedometer appointment
🏒 phone book contract

Important Note:
1. Turn off the watch before inserting the SIM card.
2. SIM insertion mode: side plug mode. Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic cover on the left side.
3. If the GPS Kids smart watch is not working or the display device is offline,
check that the correct zone is selected when you first register the app. In the US, you need to choose North America.
4. Mobile phones are bound to watches through Registration Code, which is on the back of Watch.
5.If you meet If you have any questions in use, please contact us in time.

Material: plastic, silicone
Color: blue, pink
SIM card: Micro SIM
Built-in battery: yes

How to set it up?
1. Activate the SIM card via your mobile phone
2. Insert the SIM card into the smart watch (the SIM card is inserted in the back of the watch, just gently uncover the back of the watch.)
3. Process an account in the application “setracker” and register to select North America
4. Send APN code message via mobile phone to smart watch For Speedtalk ordinary mobile phone
Pw,123456,apn,wholesale ,,, 310260#

1 child smart watch
1 USB charging cable
1 x user manual
1 screwdriver

Product Features

  • 🎁【GPS + LBS (base station location)】 Dual-mode positioning means that the child’s dual security, real-time positioning tracking throughout the day, positioning is more accurate, parents can clearly know the child’s position, parents can also quickly get the position, if there is danger. At the same time, whether it is iOS or Android APP, parents can view the location through the app anytime, anywhere. This watch gives your parents peace of mind and reduces unnecessary hassles.
  • 🍳【Multi-function】 GPS + LBS tracker, dual positioning and 7 puzzle games. Support two-way calling, GPS + LBS positioning, SOS emergency call, touch friends, pedometer, activity tracking, fast learning, camera, voice chat, text, anti-lost, remote voice monitoring, clock, etc. Parents can control and set the watch app “Setracker” to control the child’s watch and prevent the child’s phone watch from being lost. This is a cost-effective and affordable phone watch. Buy it, peace of mind.
  • 🌂【SOS】 One of the most amazing features of this watch. When the child is in danger, press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. The child’s phone watch will automatically dial 3 SOS numbers until an emergency contact answers the call. The automatic dialing function is to prevent parents from missing rescue opportunities because they are busy with work. At the same time, the alert notification will be launched to the APP. (Parents can set up three numbers for SOS emergency calls.
  • ☔ 【Class Mode】 Parents can set 3 time periods in the application’s Do Not Disturb mode. When children are at school or class, parents don’t have to worry about whether their smartphones will bother them. You can set a time period for your child to avoid being harassed by other phones during class. Setting it to classroom mode will disable the use of calls, chat voices, learning games, cameras and more. (Does not affect the normal use of SOS.)
  • 🎨【Waterproof】The technique design makes it quite different from other smart wrist band. smart bracelet watch to meet the international IP67 Water-resistant and dust rating standards, protect your smart band effectively. Strong Water Resistant helps you swim and shower freely within 2 hours and 2 meter depth. Kindly Reminder: (Cannot be used in hot water, hot bath or sauna. Please DO NOT press any buttons underwater. reduction of service life by incorrect use.)


Anonymous says:

The built-in function of the watch is very good I used it as a gift for my friend’s 7th birthday. The next day, I received a call from my friend. He kept saying thank you. This is a good choice and watch. His daughter is wearing this watch day and night.. Use the camera to record the conversation.. and my friend I am very happy that he can easily track his son now… The only thing is that it supports 2G sim, but no regrets.. It is worth buying!! By the way, he just called me and asked me where I am from. I bought his watch because his…

Anonymous says:

Kid Smart watches deserve to have First of all, the most important thing is that this smart watch can send text messages, dial and send SOS alarms. I bought a very cheap and very cheap SIM card. To make settings, you’ll need to upload an app on your phone to connect to your smartwatch, and then you can track your child and set various reminder changes for the date and time. It also has simple cameras and puzzle games! Another important aspect is the waterproof function. Children do not have to take off their hands when washing…

Anonymous says:

WIFI + GPS + LBS accurate positioning After many selections, we finally found a phone watch that can be positioned by GPS, and it is very accurate, which is exactly what we are looking for.I bought it for my son as a prize for his achievements in this semester, and he really liked it. Good quality and easy to set up. He really likes this watch, it has a lot of great features that can be used. Can do phone, GPS tracker, SOS emergency call, pedometer, activity tracking, camera, flashlight, voice chat, remote voice monitoring,…

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